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About investing in Australia

Investing In Australia 

Enjoy peace of mind when you venture into investments in Australia – in property, F&B or businesses in other sectors. We’ll help answer all your questions.

  • Do I have to lodge a tax return if I own a property in Australia?
  • What taxes do I pay if I sell my investment property?
  • What deductions can I claim?
  • Am I eligible for a visa under the Business Migration Program e.g. Visa 132, 188 or 888?
  • How viable is the business investment which I am considering? 

Fortiz Accountants provide expert advice to ensure you successfully navigate the Australian tax maze. Besides provision of tax advice, we are also able to work closely with your migration agent (or refer to you one) to help you assess and identify best visa pathways and thus ensure your successful migration to Australia.

Did You Know?

  • You may be considered an Australian resident for tax purposes if you're present in Australia for 183 days in a year, whether continuously or with breaks.
  • Foreign investors can no longer access the 50% Capital Gains Tax discount after 8 May 2012 which impacts on property investors.
  • Double Taxation Treaties are in effect for many countries including Singapore-Australia and Malaysia-Australia.
  • A proprietary company must have at least one director that lives in Australia.
  • There are a number of visa options which allow you to live and work in Australia. However, there are differences in how you will be taxed, depending on the visa granted.