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Business Migration & Knowledgeable Accountants Go Hand in Hand

Business Migration & Knowledgeable Accountants Go Hand in Hand

Picture this: It’s a busy day in the office. Your migration agent rings with news that your Visa 188 application has been granted. You thank him profusely, then proceed to tell your other half the good news. Both of you chat about the exciting new life you’ll have in Australia for the next half hour. Then you put down the phone and reality hits. There will be a 1001 things to do before you get there. Where do you start? Oh, and there’s still the board meeting to attend in the afternoon, the business trips to Tokyo in 2 days’ time and to Beijing next week!

First things first, contact accountants who have been there, done that (ie. successfully migrated), and who have assisted other business migrants in getting their businesses off the ground in Australia. That’s us – Fortiz Accountants!

Sabrina migrated to Melbourne over 20 years ago when she commenced her life here as an undergraduate, worked in a number of management roles in the accommodation and F&B industries before finally setting up her own businesses. Geraldine migrated over 10 years ago with her family as a skilled migrant, worked for a few years as a corporate accountant before also finally venturing into business.

Together, Sabrina and Geraldine have assisted numerous business owners with the set-up of their business structures, accounting systems and procedures, provided advice on tax laws which apply to existing assets & income received overseas (eg. home country), made referrals to the right people for set-up of business bank accounts, drafting and review of business contracts, purchase of existing businesses, leasing of commercial spaces, design of logo and artwork, etc. Even if you need assistance with something as simple as booking airport transfers, they are more than happy to point you in the right direction.


Whether it’s visa subclass 132, 188 or 888, you name it, we’re familiar with it. We have worked closely with migration agents and business clients over the years and would be happy to have a friendly coffee chat to discuss your plans. Contact us if you are interested in working with us to ensure your business success.