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Business Benchmark: Restaurant

Business Benchmark: Restaurant

One question we are often asked by business owners is how their business fares compared to other businesses in the same industry. In this blog post, we share the key benchmarks for coffee shops.

Turnover up to $250K

Cost of sales to turnover: 38%
Labour: 20%
Rent: 15.5%
Vehicle expenses: 2.5%
Other expenses: 7%
Profit: 17%

Turnover between $250K to $600K

Cost of sales to turnover: 37%
Labour: 24.5%
Rent: 13%
Vehicle expenses: 1.5%
Other expenses: 12%
Profit: 12%

Turnover above $600K

Cost of sales to turnover: 35%
Labour: 29%
Rent: 9.5%
Vehicle expenses: 0.5%
Other expenses: 17%
Profit: 9%


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